Being part of the solution #socialanxietydisorder

I’ve been studying Psychology for over a year now, a coming-back to school sort of thing at 30…ish years, probably a career change if all goes well! Everything I study is extremely interesting, and, surprisingly, extremely useful even in my management job.

Especially in my management job…

Although psychopathology will probably not be the branch I choose for my graduate studies, I’ve been interested in learning more about the topic, and apply these new insights into my work: we deal with clients affected by psychological disorders and understanding a bit more about the etiology and course of these disorders has been helpful.

I’ve been working on an infographic for my class, to support the Bell Let’s Talk Day on January 31. I’ve decided to talk about Social anxiety Disorder, because it seems to be a common disorder among the “crowd” I watch and follow in social medias. Many famous Youtubers have come out to talk about their struggle with the disease, and as someone who has always been a bit skeptic, I thought it would be a great idea to address this issue and open my mind just a little bit… it never hurts!

So here it is for your commenting and criticizing. I hope you learn something. I’ll be sharing it on January 31 so if anyone’s got any comment before that, let me know!

This infographic was made with Canva.

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